Tahoma School District’s Second-Attempt Levy Election Closes Today

In a second attempt to pass its Educational Programs and Operations levy, Tahoma School District’s election closes today.

As of yesterday, the District reported that 9,156 ballots had been cast out of approximately 18,000 ballots sent to registered voters.  Just under 11,000 ballots were cast in the first February election.

The District hosted three levy information meetings to share facts, answer questions and hear from a panel of varied staff members who shared specific details about how they help lead, teach and care for Tahoma students.

In a statement, the District summarized what the levy funds.

“The levy helps cover the cost of many staff positions and programs that are not funded by state and federal dollars. Without those funds, the district will have a shortfall of about $3.5 million in the 2018-19 school year, and about $12 million in the 2019-2020 school year. Cuts in order to balance the budget would include sports; most extracurricular activities; the Math Assistance Program (MAP); elementary STEM, art and music classes; all field trips that are not funded by PTA/PTO or boosters; instructional coaches who support teachers and enhance student success in the classroom and more.

“In the second year, the board would ask an ad-hoc committee to make recommendations about what to cut. Options include cutting about 40 certificated positions and 20-25 classified positions, the Reading Assistance Program, the elimination of the 8-period schedule at the high school, the English Language Learners program, building secretaries, $2.5 million of supplemented Special Education services, two assistant principals and four deans.”