Fairwood Safety Alert: Two Robberies in Fairwood Area

A few hours ago, King County Sheriff Sam Shirley alerted all to be on the lookout for an active robbery situation in the Fairwood area. Two home robberies have occurred so far today, and the suspect has not yet been arrested.

Shirley reported that scenario begins with the robber knocking on the victim’s door to see his lost dog has been seen. That conversation follows with request for a drink of water. Once entry is gained, the robbery unfolds. The suspect is described as a black male, about six feet tall.

If anyone see similar suspicious activity, please call 911 immediately.

One of the home robberies took place near Northwood Middle School and the second home was just south of the old Albertsons store, according to Shirley. Both victims are reportedly safe.

This car is similar to the style driven by the suspect.

A video capture of the suspect’s vehicle was identified as a Chrysler 300, similar to the image shown above. It’s not certain whether the vehicle is black or grey, and a Fairwood neighbor responded to a Facebook user group that her car fits the description, which was stolen yesterday. The license plate number wasn’t captured.