Fairwood Neighbor Struggles with ‘Sod Sushi’

Photo: Lori Wheeler

Fairwood area neighbor Lori Wheeler recently posted an interesting photo of night marauders, causing havoc with her newly laid sod.

After unrolling the previous night’s work, the masked, grub-seeking bandits would return and do their dirty work.

Friends chimed in with non-toxic advice, ranging from spraying the raccoons in the face with vinegar, calling animal control, coyote urine spray around the yard perimeter, chicken wire, and consulting getridofthings.com.

After considering these and other options, Lori reports her choice is working well, at least for now:

“We just had a fence installed last week and bought little solar-powered lights that blink at night. The raccoons supposedly think it’s a predator and stay away. So far so good! No more sod sushi!”

Congrats, Lori!