Bloodworks Donation Pop-Up Runs Nov. 3-5

This pre-COVID photo Pop-Up event was held at a Lakewood Police station. All workers and technicians must wear masks and are required to follow all COVID-19 protocol.

Fairwood Golf & Country Club and Bloodworks Northwest will again partner in an effort to support local hospitals and patients with a Fairwood blood drive beginning TOMORROW.

The Pop-Up Drive runs THIS WEEK from Tuesday, November 3 through Thursday, November 5, at the Fairwood Golf and Country Club. Donors must sign up for an appointment to donate (see below), and all must follow proper COVID-19 protocol, including wearing masks.

“Donating blood is an essential and encouraged activity critical to sustaining community healthcare, especially during emergencies. Your one-hour donation appointment is a safe action to support local hospitals and patients. Pop-Up Donor Centers are being conducted in accordance with social distancing guidelines,” said Alli Miller, Donor Resources Representative for Bloodworks Northwest.

“Fairwood Golf & Country Club has generously opened the doors of their ballroom for us to use during this time. The previous Fairwood Golf & Country Club pop-up was able to collect 83 units of blood, giving the ability to save almost 250 lives in just two days! This pop-up has an additional day added, making the potential even greater. As it stands right now, out of the 162 life-saving appointments across three days (Nov 3,4, & 5), we have 83 STILL OPEN. Each donation has the potential to save three lives.”

Bloodworks is fighting COVID on every front- from longer hours at donor centers, unique pop-up blood donation opportunities in the community, participation in collecting convalescent plasma, to lifesaving research, including investigating whether blood type is a risk factor for severe infection. Bloodworks NW has adjusted to the COVID climate, and (readers) can find more safety measures on our website,” said Miller.

Heavy Reduction in Number of Pop-Ups Results in Greater Needs
“Prior to COVID, we had 25-30 mobile blood drives-daily. Now we have 3-5 pop-ups daily-sometimes a few more. Another startling statistic is that our high schools and colleges make up about 25% of our blood supply from about mid-September through the third week in December. We lost about 90 drives and 6,000 donations as most schools aren’t able to host right now. Our goal at every pop-up & center is to fill every single appointment to make up for these changes, it is that important.”

How to Donate
Fairwood neighbors are encouraged to continue its support of our community. To sign up for a time, please use this link to schedule your time. CLICK HERE.