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Hire A Fairwood Teen!

Hire local teens interested in serving you! Teens are encouraged to advertise their services to the greater Fairwood community on this page! The intent of this page is to offer our neighbors a resource in finding entreprenurial, hard-working and dependable workers for services around the home. Fairwood Community News accepts no responsibility for work performed or the safety of either party.

Those who use this directory are encouraged to request references from others and talk with teen's parents to learn more about their skills and experience. This step will also encourage a comfort level for both parties.

Please spread the word about this free service for hard-working,
ambitious teens!

Teens may also check out our Classifieds Page for those seeking Help Wanted from teens.

Parents are fully responsible for the safety their children listed, and we require an independent email granting permission from that parent for each listing in this directory. This permission acknowledges that Fairwood Community News has no responsibility for the work performed, agreements established between the client and provider, and the safety of both parties. Listing teens is a free service to the Fairwood community and is not an endorsement of services.



Teens and Parents of Teens
For teens interested in posting services, include:

1) Teen Contact Information & Services. Provide your name, age, address, phone number, and parent/guardian phone number and email address. Following this contact information, then provide your list of services using the categories listed below.

2) Parent Permission. A separate email from your parent/guardian is required with a note that he/she is granting permission for your posting in our directory. They must also provide their contact information in this consent email.

That's it!











Names Coming Soon!