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Fairwood Community News Welcomes Candlewood/Carriage Wood HOA

Candlewood Ridge Carriage Wood

February 13, 2013
Fairwood Community News (FCN) is thrilled to add the Candlewood Ridge / Carriage Wood Homeowners Association (CR/CW) to its list of communities served in the Fairwood area.  This partnership includes supporting the HOA by posting association news on its own web page within the Fairwood Community News Website and supporting these neighborhoods when opportunities arise.  The Candlewood Ridge/Carriage Wood Homeowners Association includes 850 homes.

To access the CR/CW website supplied by FCN, hover over the “Communities A-G” tab in navigation bar.  A drop-down menu will appear, where the Candlewood/Carriage Wood site can be clicked.  The association will also continue to maintain its own website.

The partnership between CR/CW and FCN signals a significant change in the association’s communication approach.  Beginning this month, CR/CW will switch from publishing its homeowners association minutes from hard copy, newspaper format to 100 percent web-based publishing, via www.crcwhoa.org and www.fairwoodcommunitynews.com.

FCN asked CR/CW’s acting President Valerie Fraizer to take few moments to talk about the changes.

FCN: First, welcome to the Fairwood Community News group!  We’re excited about partnering with you to get the word out on Fairwood neighborhoods. 

Valerie: Thanks so much.  When you shared the mission of FCN, we felt your site would help us in our efforts to reach out to our homeowners and support the work you’re doing to be a resource for the community.  Sharing our news via your website made good sense to us.  The cost (free) was appealing, too.

FCN: Can you talk a bit about the board’s decision to move from publishing of minutes in a traditional format to electronic publishing?

Valerie: The board takes its role seriously, and part of that job is to be good stewards of the association’s funds.  We have been paying a significant amount of money each year, almost $6,000, to post our minutes in our former format.  Part of the discussion to make the change was the financial need to address needed property updates, with the most immediate need in the Candlewood Ridge neighborhood.  The money we save can be used to address those needs.  The internet is now the go-to source for communication for many homeowner associations, and we’re also fully embracing it.

FCN: You have posted this decision for a few months.  What has been the reaction from the homeowners?

Valerie: We were quite surprised, but we have had received no concerns from CR/CW homeowners, including no comments at our recent annual meeting.  The newspaper we did use voiced opposition to the idea, but we consulted with our attorney and were advised that we are fully compliant with our bylaws.  No federal, state or other requirements are being overlooked by this move, either.

FCN: You mentioned work was needed in Candlewood Ridge.  Would you provide a bit more information about that need?

Valerie:  Unlike Carriage Wood, Candlewood Ridge contains a number of roundabout islands in cul-de-sacs that have experienced significant damage.  Those islands fall under the CR/CW’s jurisdiction, and the HOA is responsible for their maintenance.  Curbs have been damaged, and overgrown tree roots have invaded drainage vaults.  All those issues have required us to develop a plan to repair those islands and find a long-term solution, which unfortunately, is the HOA’s responsibility to fix. 

FCN: Thanks for taking a moment to provide us with an update on this move, something Fairwood Community News fully supports.  We look forward to a long-standing relationship with you that we hope will extend beyond posting your minutes.  Is there anything else you want to share?

Valerie:  We look forward to working with you, too.  I want to note that the Board is interested in accommodating our homeowners, so if anyone has concerns about this move and how it personally affects them, we encourage them to contact us, and we will find a workable solution.

(Editor's Note: The CR/CW HOA contacted Fairwood Flyer to include an ad in the February final issue, notifying homeowners of the switch to electronic format. This space is provided to all HOAs, but this particular ad was curiously "omitted." To see the ad, CLICK HERE.)

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